You don’t need to change – just get to know your unique strengths.

Who are your role models who inspire you in certain situations? 


Do you have a friend who always seems to know instinctively how to act? 


Do you wish you had an inner guide to show you the way  – no matter which way life seems to be sending you?


Let me introduce you to the five Women’s PowerTypes™  – Queen, Mother, Lover, Warrioress and Sorceress. I promise you that once you get to know them and know how to use their energies, you could be your own role model, your own source of inspiration and your own guide. And you don’t need to change – they’re all part of you!


I’ve written in previous blogs about using ‘Soft Power’ instead of operating in the Superwoman mode because she just sends us into stress and burnout. You can use the PowerTypes™ as the source of your Soft Power. 


How do they actually work?


  • They allow you to be just as strong and effective as a leader in your corner of the world yet remain true to the feminine aspects of your nature. 


  • They provide you with a new kind of power to lead the fulfilling life you really want. 


  • They allow you to reach your full potential without constantly striving, pushing and depleting your energy. 


  • The Women’s PowerTypes™  use a power grounded in collaboration not competition; they are centred in replenishment not depletion. They know that encouragement can be more effective than coercion. 


And the big secret is… you have them all within you! 


The problem is that their energies may not all be in balanced harmony at the moment. Some may be difficult to access because their traits have been quashed by the prevailing culture over the years. So this may explain why certain aspects of life feel challenging for you.


Perhaps you can’t find it in you to be the decisive, calm and serene Queen who sets boundaries and takes no nonsense – your Queen energy is low. Or it’s possible that one of the PowerTypes™ is dominating over the others. For example many clients find their Mother PowerType™ is overly expressed and this results in them prioritising everyone else’s needs and they find themselves constantly at the bottom of the list. 


The Lover PowerType™ is the centre of your self-care, knowing how to foster your own wellbeing. So she is an important opponent of Superwoman  – handy to have on your side! But she also brings charisma and magnetism and in the workplace she is great at presenting and sales. How easily do you access this energy?


Perhaps your Warrioress energy is lacking if you’ve lost your ‘get up and go’. She brings a youthful, athletic energy. She can roll her sleeves up and get stuck in to get a job finished or meet a deadline. But don’t confuse this with the pushing and striving of Superwoman who is in a permanent state of ‘ON’. Warrioress knows when to switch off and have fun. 


Finally how much do you trust your intuition? Do you easily find inspiration, an inner wisdom and have trust that things will turn out ok? No? If everything just feels hard and you’re getting through life by sheer determination, then maybe your Sorceress energy is low. If you could enhance this energy you might start to just instinctively know what to do next, trust your hunches and feel more in flow with all your tasks.  


So now you know they exist, wouldn’t you like to know how they are showing up for you? How easy it is to access each of them? 


It’s easily done by taking an online profiling quiz, which is a comprehensive tool providing your score for each PowerType™. (This has been devised by the One of many™ organisation, the fastest growing women’s leadership community in the UK). You will discover your unique strengths which contribute to what you’re really great at and also uncover the weaker scores that may reflect what you’re not so great at – and why. 


Once you have your profile, the important part is understanding it. If you have a debrief session with me (or any other One of many™ certified coach) I will talk you through how to enhance your low scores and bring the dominating scores back into balance. You will learn how to easily call on the most appropriate PowerType™ for whatever life situation you find yourself in. 


Hence they will be there within you as your role model, your inspiration and your guide, just as I promised at the top of this piece!


Interested? You can sign up here to…


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  • Learn how to overcome your challenges 
  • Understand how to harness and leverage your inner feminine energies

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