How to radically replenish yourself

Warmer days, longer evenings, Spring/Summer are my favourite time of year. This is partly because we have a few family occasions – three birthdays (including my own) and our wedding anniversary. But also because, as you look around at nature, there is the suggestion of new life, the chance for a fresh start and a feeling of optimism. As we move well into Spring and May heralds warmer, drier weather and longer daylight hours. Outdoor activities that we felt less inclined to do in the Winter, suddenly seem attractive.

It’s also a good time to recharge our batteries after the long dark days of Winter when we often withdraw and slow down. But have you noticed that we don’t always emerge from this period feeling refreshed? Often we just end up sluggish and lacking in energy. 

I think this is particularly the case after the past two years of the Covid pandemic. Women seem to have borne the brunt of the extra burden that was created by managing our hugely altered lifestyles – working from home, home schooling, illness and grief, financial impact…the list goes on. Studies show there’s a much higher prevalence of anxiety and stress amongst women than men currently. 


I think it’s because we women typically expect too much of ourselves, we take on too much, we don’t ask for help and we fail to spot the warning signs until the physical symptoms are literally screaming at us.


If this is you, then I urge you to seek the help you need as soon as you can. Meanwhile, I am concerned with helping women to keep themselves on an even keel, so that they don’t reach that crisis point. I’m supporting women with tools so that for the most part they are thriving, not just barely surviving. 


We can actually only thrive when we allow ourselves enough time and space to rest and recover; to replenish our energy and recharge the batteries. We can’t give our best to others when the tank is empty. I feel really strongly about this and encourage all my clients to carve out a little time each week that’s just for them. To do whatever it might be that restores and revives them. That gets them back in tune with who they are, that lights them up and gets their creative juices flowing

It doesn’t always have to be what we traditionally think of as ‘rest and relaxation’. That’s actually quite passive. Instead, what could you actively do that gives you a boost? What physically and mentally recharges you? 


Think of it as ‘Radical Replenishment’.

Here’s a few ideas:
-Long walks listening to audio books, or podcasts – especially if light hearted or uplifting
-Singing and dancing to high energy music
-Any exercise that gets your heart rate up
-A new challenge, maybe something that pushes you out of your comfort zone a little
-Having a good laugh – with friends; watching a comedian or funny film
-A pampering session, massage, facial, pedicure etc
-Painting, drawing or other creative activities

What others can you think of? Let me know or drop a comment in my  Facebook page. 


So you may be wondering how does all this fit in with my vision for what I want for women? How does it contribute to my mission as a women’s coach?


Well, I want to guide women to the realisation that:

-We have choices.
-We can delegate and it’s OK to ask for help.
-We don’t have to be ‘superwoman’ anymore, driving ourselves into the ground with exhaustion.
-We must prioritise our wellbeing, both physical and mental.


BUT remember, we must take the responsibility ourselves.


So is any of this ringing alarm bells for you? Do you know deep down that it’s time to make some changes for the benefit of your own wellbeing? 


If you’d like some support with this I’m always happy to have a chat, no obligation, for you to find out more about how coaching could help you. It’s not a one size fits all programme; it’s very much tailored to your specific challenges. 


Take the first step and book a call (see button below)


I hope you make the most of Spring, whatever you choose to do. 


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