Coaching for Organisations

Give your team the support they need to develop a healthy work-life balance and increase self-confidence to become more focussed and productive.

Happy employees are productive employees

It’s no secret that stress and overwhelm can decrease motivation, increase disillusionment and reduce performance. 

Whatever the cause of that stress and overwhelm, ‘pushing through’ isn’t the answer – particularly for women.

When left unchecked, long term stress and overwhelm results in women burning out and/or leaving the workplace prematurely. A result that is detrimental to individuals, teams and organisations. 

My coaching and training programs are designed to equip and empower women to handle all the things life throws at them. 


My coaching programs help women establish a healthy work-life balance, boost their self-confidence, and increase their focus and productivity.

My training workshops help teams establish the shared language and understanding required to realise potential and make a bigger impact.

Example Topics

My coaching and training workshops can be tailored specifically to your needs, but here are some topics to get you started.


Avoiding stress and burnout: stepping out of Superwoman


Developing as a female leader using Soft Power


How to get your Mojo back


The importance of self connection and self-care


What’s holding you back? Confidence and mindset


Midlife, menopause and me

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