Coaching for Individuals

Give yourself the opportunity to grow, learn more about yourself, develop your talents and passions, all whilst being encouraged and supported without judgement.

Do you value yourself enough to invest in coaching?

There are three ways of working with me depending on what you need.
They will all bring about deep meaningful change – it’s up to you which one you choose. If you’re not sure, we can figure it out together on a free, no-obligation discovery call.

Deep Dive Diagnosis

If you need some strategies to help with a single issue or challenge, this package will equip you to move forwards with clarity and inspiration.

True You Transformation

If you need a more in-depth look at how life is preventing you from being the best version of you, this package will empower and transform you.

Reflect & Reset VIP Day

If you want to work intensively focusing on your needs, your vision and your aspirations, this package will achieve impact in a short time.

Deep Dive Diagnosis

If you feel there’s just one burning issue that’s got you stuck and you need help to figure out a plan to move forwards, this short programme comprising just two sessions would be ideal.

During the first 90 minute session we will dig deep into what is going on for you and explore your underlying life values, beliefs and motivations. You will take away some strategies to help move forwards and we will then check in with what impact these have made during the second 60 minute session held two weeks later. We can meet in person or online via Zoom. This programme will leave you feeling inspired and re-energised to tackle life’s ups and downs.

What’s Involved:

1 x 90 minute initial consultation
1 x 60 minute follow-up consultation
One-to-one in person or online via Zoom
Email support between sessions

The Investment:


Payable in full upon booking your first session.

True You Transformation

This programme allows a gradual absorption of new ways of thinking supported by powerful tools and resources, all backed up by accountability checks and cheerleading from me.

This is a 12 step programme with weekly sessions lasting one hour. The entire programme is conducted one-to-one either in person at my office, or online via Zoom for your convenience and flexibility. Whilst this programme loosely follows a pre-planned structure, it is tailored so it is completely bespoke to you and the challenges that you face. You will learn how certain behaviours and attitudes don’t serve us well, in fact they actually disempower us. Instead you will develop a new way of operating using a range of natural feminine powers. You will be amazed at how small changes can make a massive impact and transformation – not only for yourself, but for all those who are important to you.

What’s Involved:

Twelve 60 minute sessions, usually weekly.
One-to-one in person or online via Zoom.
Email support between sessions.

The Investment:


Pay in full for 5% discount OR pay in three instalments

Reflect and Reset VIP Day

An intensive day of working one-to-one with me using a number of powerful coaching tools, meditations and reflections. If you want fast results to resolve a specific issue, reach a life changing decision or find the strength to make a major breakthrough, this special day focussed entirely on you could be just what you need.

Gift yourself the rare luxury of a full day with no interruptions, in a comfortable environment where you can allow yourself to dream big, delve deep and focus on your needs. Take time out from the daily norm to immerse yourself in focussed coaching where I will push you to your limits whilst gently holding the space for you in a non-judgemental and encouraging way. We can work on your professional success, your personal happiness and your inner confidence. The day includes all refreshments and lunch with any dietary requirements taken into account. A 60minute follow-up session two weeks after your VIP day provides security and reassurance so that you can work on the strategies we put in place with the confidence that you’ve got the opportunity to ‘check in’ again and raise any questions.

What’s Involved:

A full day comprising 6 hours of one-to-one coaching in person. Inclusive of refreshments and lunch with all coaching materials provided.
Follow up session two weeks later.

The Investment:


Payable in full upon booking your VIP day.


Is coaching the same as counselling or therapy?

Coaching doesn’t dwell on the past so much as counselling and therapy. Instead it helps you to find solutions within you to move forwards. It is non-advisory – I won’t tell you what to do, but I will invite you to carry out integration assignments (homework!) to help embed the coaching tools.

NOTE: Coaching is not helpful if there is evidence of current mental illness. If this is the case, I will advise you to seek medical help. Coaching can then be a useful adjunct after medical treatment has been commenced.

Will I get emotional or tearful?

Coaching can bring up all sorts of emotions and becoming tearful may be a side effect of that, as may becoming angry, frustrated or fearful. But be reassured your sessions take place within a safe space where there is no judgement and no consequences. Many clients find this really freeing! Part of your growth and development involves being able to recognise what triggers your emotions and then deal with them in an appropriate way.

What do you expect from me as a client?

Commitment to attending the agreed appointments on time. Commitment to the work and being open to the process. Taking responsibility for doing the assigned tasks between sessions. It is often this work, along with reflection between sessions which brings the greatest clarity and realisation.

What can I expect from you as the coach?

I will respect you and support you. I’m on your side and I want to see you succeed with whatever you want from the process. I will challenge you when required and we will uncover deep seated reasons for your habits and behaviours. It may feel uncomfortable to relinquish some of these but I will coax you out of your comfort zone to help you put more helpful habits in place. I will maintain confidentiality regarding your data unless there is a medico-legal reason which obliges me to consult with another authority (eg. If I believe you to be a risk to yourself or others)

Can I pay by installments?

The Deep Dive programme and VIP Day are payable in full at the time of booking.

The twelve step Transformation programme will attract a discount of 5% if paid in full prior to the first appointment. Alternatively, three installments may be paid with the first payment to be made at the time of booking the first session. The second installment is due 4 weeks later and the third installment is due 4 weeks after that. (NB: The timing of payments is fixed no matter the duration of your twelve step programme)

Do you offer a guarantee?
Prior to commencing a programme, the free, no-obligation discovery call should give us both an idea of whether we are a good fit to work together. Whilst you shouldn’t expect major transformation after the first few sessions of the twelve week programme, if after two sessions you are not 100% satisfied I do offer a no-quibble full refund of the monies paid.

What other women say…

“Thank you Jo for giving me this opportunity to refocus and improve my life! I have benefitted massively from your guidance and support. You are a good listener and you understood my needs well.”


“Even when aspects felt challenging for me, I always felt fully supported by Jo. She had a variety of great tools and techniques that she shared with me, many of which I now use regularly.”


“I came out of the coaching sessions with Jo with a fresh outlook and would highly recommend her as a coach.”


How to get started...



Book a free, no obligation discovery call and I’ll help you identify what’s causing your pain and prescribe a plan of action.



You are always in control. You get to decide if we are a good fit and whether coaching can help you move forward.


Take Action

I’ll support you to take action that will reap massive rewards – not just for you, but all those important to you.

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