Radical Replenishment in Spring

How to thrive by actively restoring your energy levels

It’s the start of Spring and as I write this, I’m looking through the window at blue sky and sunshine. The blossom is adorning the trees with a delicate, lacy pattern and the daffodils are a splash of unapologetic yellow.

April and May are my favourite months because they suggest such a promise of new life, the chance for a fresh start and a feeling of optimism. They herald warmer, drier weather for walks with my dogs and golf with my friends. What do you like about Spring? Do you feel more inclined to do activities that you wouldn’t do in Winter?

This brighter weather has come just at the right time for me – it’s a much needed pick me up. I’ve been feeling under the weather the last couple of weeks. I found myself with no energy to do anything much physically and don’t get me started about the brain fog!

In the past I would have tried to soldier on, in the belief that I couldn’t possibly ask for help or just take time out. But these days I have taken on board the wisdom of my coaching mentors and I now realise that we women expect too much of ourselves.

We can actually only thrive when we allow ourselves time and space to rest and recover; to replenish our energy and recharge the batteries. And I don’t just mean during an illness, but all the time. We can’t give our best to others when the tank is empty. I feel really strongly about this and encourage all my clients to carve out a little time each week that’s just for them. To do whatever it might be that restores and revives them.

It doesn’t always have to be what we traditionally think of as ‘rest and relaxation’. That’s quite passive. Instead what could you actively do that gives you a boost? That physically and mentally recharges you? Think of it as ‘Radical Replenishment’.

Here’s a few ideas:
-Long walks listening to audio books, or podcasts – especially if light hearted or uplifting
-Singing and dancing to high energy music
-Any exercise that gets your heart rate up
-Having a good laugh – with friends; watching a comedian or funny film
-Pampering session, massage, facial, pedicure etc

What others can you think of? Let me know or drop a comment into my Facebook group, ‘Women with Confidence and Soft Power’.

So you may be wondering how does all this fit in with my vision for what I want for women? How does it contribute to my mission as a women’s coach?

Well, I want to guide women to the realisation that:

-We have choices.
-We can delegate and it’s OK to ask for help.
-We don’t have to be ‘superwoman’ anymore, driving ourselves into the ground with exhaustion.
-We must prioritise our wellbeing, both physical and mental.

BUT remember, we must take the responsibility ourselves.

So is any of this causing any alarm bells to ring for you? Do you know deep down that it’s time to make some changes for the benefit of your own wellbeing? If you’d like some support with this I’m always happy to have a chat, no obligation, for you to find out more about working with me. Take the first step and book a call (see button below)

I hope you can make the most of Spring, whatever you choose to do

Till next time,
Jo x


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