More confidence

Step out of overwhelm and reclaim your inherent strengths, abilities and self worth.

More energy

Let go of Superwoman and embrace a more sustainable, feminine power. 

More direction

Stop procrastinating and start trusting your inner truths to move you forward.

At some point, we all reach a crossroads… 

For some of us, it’s the gradual realisation that chronic stress and mental fatigue have become our default state. As women, it’s so easy to slip into ‘Superwoman’ mode – trying to be everything to everybody. But it comes at a cost. Eventually we wake up and notice the impact it’s had on our physical and mental health; and the strain it’s put on our relationships at home and at work.

For others, transition is something that is thrust upon us. Whether the trigger is a relationship breakdown; a career change; a return to work after maternity leave; children leaving home or the menopause years – we find ourself questioning our whole identity. 

Who am I?
Who was I?
Who do I want to be?

Without answers to those questions, we can lose ourselves in fear, low self-esteem and even grief.

I know what it’s like to wake up one day and feel less than I used to be…

All those titles I had claimed in my life – doctor, wife, mother, business owner – they no longer felt like mine. And in that moment, I felt downright miserable. 

I can help you reignite that spark…

Coaching helped me “get my mojo back”. And now I blend my medical background in women’s health, with my training as a One of many™ Certified Women’s Coach, to help other women get their mojo back too.

Coaching can bring a fresh perspective to old frustrations and challenges. It can provide proven tools and techniques to spark a change and re-ignite passion. It can help women step into a more sustainable feminine power to create real and lasting impact, without burning out in the process. 

The options…

Coaching for Individuals

Give yourself the opportunity to grow, learn more about yourself, develop your talents and passions, all whilst being encouraged and supported without judgement.

Coaching for Organisations

Give your team the support they need to develop a healthy work-life balance and increased self-confidence to become more focussed and productive.

What other women say…

“Jo has been a warm and empathetic coach; nonetheless she has pulled me up on some of my self-defeatist patterns and has pushed me to overcome them”


“ Jo helped me to take back control of my life by prioritising what’s important for a better me!”


“Jo helped me release beliefs that were holding me back and reframe situations so I could make positive steps forward”


How to get started...



Book a free, no obligation discovery call and I’ll help you identify what’s causing your pain and prescribe a plan of action.



You are always in control. You get to decide if we are a good fit and whether coaching can help you move forward.


Take Action

I’ll support you to take action that will reap massive rewards – not just for you, but all those important to you.

Not sure which first step to take?

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